Club Management Committee

Our volunteer committee help to run the club on our members behalf. If you wish to raise an issue or want to get involved in helping to make the club better please contact one of us or use the Contact page.

Co Commodore: Stephen Bristow, Neil Hornby

Co Vice Commodore: John Riley, Dave Marsh


Rear Commodore: Vacant


Hon. Secretary: Stephen Bristow, Charlie Hitchen


Hon. Treasurer: Andrew Melding, Ken Bright (deputy Laura Wheelhouse)


Co Sailing Secretary: John Riley, Joe Hitchen


Chair: Neil Hornby, Stephen Bristow


Membership Secretary: Rob Jones, [Neil Hornby+Joe Hitchen]


Welfare Officer: Caroline O’Brien, Connor Philbin


Management Committee: Above plus - David Bill, Eddie Rees, Ken Gutteridge, Luke Lyons, Paul Sheppard, Derek Lee, Russell Dickinson, Terry Barker, Bill Glover, Jim Hornby, Adam Bradley, Geoff Cartwright.